*Exclusive of external examination fees


  • School Fees are payable in advance at the beginning¬†of the school year before one month after the start of the school year has elapsed or alternatively, by prior arrangements only, they can be paid in 2 installments¬† [September 1st week, February 1st week]. School fees are neither refundable nor proportionate to attendance at school.
    A Surcharge of RO: 20/- will be applied with respect to each child if fees remain unpaid one calendar month after the due date. A further surcharge will be levied for each further month for which the fees remain unpaid.
  • Sibling Reduction – for second child RO: 100- per annum reduction; for subsequent children RO: 150/- per anum reduction
  • Transportation Buses: RO: 750/- per annum Up to Athaiba
    RO: 850/- per annum (past Athaiba and to Al-Amerat, The Wave, Al-Ansab, Bawsher)