At MIS we place a lot of efforts on teaching Arabic to the non-native speakers and much of time is devoted to oral dialogues and conversations about how basic interactions are run. In this respect, the course will cover different issues related to daily life such as Greetings, introducing oneself and others, presenting family members, describing things and people, directions and locations in terms of space (as in the street), bargaining and ordering (in the market, café, restaurant…etc), weather, schedules (daily or weekly activities: permanent events), hobbies, narration and the like.

We also place much importance on the grammatical and structural aspects of the language, where the learners will cover tenses (present, past, and future) mainly using regular verbs, sentence structure (noun sentence and verb sentence) and some cohesive devices. The focus is also on the writing and reading, for a better mastery of script and pronunciation. To reach such a goal, we will start focusing on, correct articulation and pronunciation of sounds, assimilating the letter positions to combine them into words and therefore acquire a set of very useful vocabulary items, forming meaningful sentences and ending by writing and reading simple texts related to the above mentioned conversational situations.