A Few Words About Kindergarten

The KG 0 classroom is prepared to ensure the children’s first steps in school are happy ones with exciting new things to explore and discover. It is generally centered around interest areas or learning centers which allows the children to play and socialise with the guidance of the teacher.
Children are welcomed into a warm environment which always puts importance on their comfort, safety, and freedom to explore, discover, and learn as they enter into their first learning environment.
One of the exciting learning areas is the Practical life skills where the children learn about the care of self (e.g. brushing of teeth); maintenance that helps everyday life (tidying up)) and interacting with people with grace and courtesy.
KG 0 aims to create a fun, safe and healthy environment to meet every child’s individual needs.
The Kindergarten years provide the foundation for all later learning and the development of life skills. Our overall aim is to nurture the cognitive, social, emotional and physical development of the children in our care and to prepare them for schooling with the right attitudes, values, and habits ultimately, to help your child to become a capable, independent, lifelong learner.


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