The English curriculum encompasses three broad areas of study – reading, writing and speaking and listening – and all areas are embedded within the wider curriculum. Students in grade 2 continue to focus on reading all common graphemes, including reading unfamiliar words containing these graphemes, accurately and without undue hesitation, by sounding them out in books that are matched closely to each student’s level of word reading knowledge. Students are supported to read a larger number of common words without needing to blend the sounds out loud first enabling common exception words to become more secure. Grade 2 students will also work on establishing accurate and speedy word reading skills through increasing their fluency of reading common sight vocabulary. With their growing bank of phonic knowledge and skill, students are supported by practicing to read books consistent with their developing reading level and of a high-quality to develop their love of reading and broaden their vocabulary. In the area of writing, student will continue to use the process of speaking the sentence and then writing them down, increasing length and complexity of sentences, adding connectives, and basic adjectives and adverbs. In grade 2 students are expected to correctly spell many of the words learned in grade 1 and will improve their use of phonically plausible attempts to spell words they have not yet learnt. Students will also begin exploring the more challenging nature of spelling in English and learn that there is not always an obvious connection between the way a word is said and the way it is spelt. Students will have an opportunity to listen to and discuss a wide range of stories, poems, plays and information books; including whole books. Students will also be able to retell some familiar stories that have been read to and discussed with them or that they have acted out. Students will have an opportunity to develop their speaking and listening skills through a wide variety of class activities. Students’ oral vocabulary, as well as their ability to understand and use a variety of grammatical structures, is embedded throughout the English curriculum and the wider curriculum in general.