Grade 1:

In Grade 1, we learn through active and experiential approaches to the topics we are studying. Our learning topics range from Pirates to All Around the World, from Fairytales to Space and more, which gives children exposure to the whole British curriculum through exciting and varied themes. We make connections to the world around us so that learning is relevant and meaningful to life outside the classroom.

A key learning area in grade 1 occurs in the daily practice of interactive phonics sessions, where children are taught the phonetic sounds in words, which develops their early reading and writing skills. Children learn to decode and blend words, allowing them to access fiction and non-fiction books and stories, which forms another important aspect of the curriculum. In Grade 1, we celebrate a range of literature from traditional tales to poetry and incorporate role-play and performance to engage, motivate and involve the children. By practically exploring literature, children experience the words on a page coming to life, which subsequently fosters a lifelong love for reading.

We also enjoy using concrete resources as often as possible, and particularly in maths. By practically experimenting with numbers in real life problems, children learn to explain their thinking in more detail as they manipulate the resources. Similarly, we use a hands-on approach in art, music, PSHE, and drama to explore concepts. Through first-hand experience, children learn more effectively and, as a grade, we enjoy memorable and significant understanding. We aim for our children to have a deeper level of learning and gain a greater understanding of the concepts behind abstract themes and topics.

In Grade 1, we have several opportunities for families to share in our journey. There are several themed days throughout the academic year, as well as school trips and open classrooms for parents to come and see us learning. Also, Grade 1 use the SeeSaw app on a daily basis to share our everyday learning with parents, and this is a great communication tool for interacting with your child’s teacher. We are always happy to liaise with parents and have an open door policy for any issues or matters arising. Please feel free to be in touch online or in the communication diary.

The fun and learning is never ending in Grade 1, and we invite you to become a part of our adventure!


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