Key Stage 5


There are two pathways open to students in Key Stage 5 which is Grade 11 and 12.





After two years of IGCSE study, students proceed to two years of GCE AS and A2 Level studies in years 11 and 12.


  • Arabic                                                              (AS+A2)
  • Art & Design                                                    (AS+A2)
  • Biology                                                            (AS+A2)
  • Business Studies                                             (AS+A2)
  • Chemistry                                                       (AS+A2)
  • Drama                                                             (AS+A2)
  • English Literature                                            (AS+A2)
  • French                                                             (AS+A2)
  • Geography                                                      (AS+A2)
  • History                                                             (AS+A2)
  • Applied ICT                                                     (AS+A2)
  • Mathematics                                                   (AS+A2)
  • Physics                                                           (AS+A2)




A-Level is a rigorous and demanding course best suited to the more academically capable student.

In Grades 11 and 12, all students take non-examined PE, and Arabic speaking Muslims also take Islamic. English is offered to students as a non-examined course which our students have found very useful in preparing for the IELTS. Omani students need to fulfil the Ministry of Education requirements of achieving an AS in a Science or Mathematics and the Islamic Studies examination set by the Ministry of Education by the end of Grade 10 or11.


Subjects typically consist of 6 units of work over two years to complete a full A2 level. Students who complete the first 3 units in the first year may apply for an AS grade in that subject and an AS certificate.

The school follows a modular course in which external examinations are sat in January and June of each year.  Once a unit exam is complete, the content of that unit is not re-examined but forms the background for further work. Should students wish to resit earlier units to improve their grade they may do so during the next examination sitting. Scores for the units are aggregated to award an overall grade for the subject. Most subjects have a synoptic assessment and in some cases a coursework component.


AS Level passes in four subjects and A2 Level passes in two satisfies the minimum undergraduate first year entry requirements for most regional universities in the Gulf and Oman. For other universities such as in the UK, Australia, Canada and the USA a full complement of four AS levels and three A2 levels is recommended.  AS Level passes may also enable entry into a foundation course in Australia and some colleges in the UK. It should be noted that, in most cases, a language qualification such as IGCSE English, TOEFL or IELTS is mandatory for worldwide university entry purposes.



After two years of IGCSE study, students proceed to two years of higher level studies. The GED course is overseen by the Ministry of Education. It provides students with a broad range of subjects and enables them to graduate from school with full ministry approval.

The next option is the General Education Diploma.



The courses are internally assessed throughout grade 11. In grade 12 there are external exams around February. The final external exam for each subject is held in May.

The breakdown of marks varies by course but is typically around 60% exam, 40% coursework. Please see below for more details.


The GED enables you to graduate from school, endorsed by the Omani Ministry of Education. It will enable you to begin university courses in the region and elsewhere. It will also allow you to start a foundation course in a UK university.

It should be noted that, in most cases, a language qualification such as IGCSE English, TOEFL or IELTS is mandatory for worldwide university entry purposes.

  • Arabic                                                             (GED)
  • Art                                                                   (GED)
  • Biology                                                           (GED)
  • Business Studies                                        (GED)
  • Chemistry                                                      (GED)
  • Economics                                                    (GED)
  • English                                                          (GED)
  • Applied ICT                                                   (GED)
  • Mathematics                                                 (GED)
  • Physical Education (PE)                            (GED)
  • Physics                                                          (GED)
  • Thinking Skills / Research Project                        (GED)


The GED course is rigorous and demanding. Much of the work covered is the same as A level work. To succeed in the GED students will be expected to do a good deal of independent study.

In Grades 11 and 12, all students take non-examined PE. The rest of the students’ time is spent in class studying the GED course.

Compulsory courses are as follows:


  • Arabic
  • Islamic
  • Ishtimaiyat
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • One Science


The students are offered a choice for their other 4 subjects. That choice should be from the following:


  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • ICT
  • Business Studies
  • PE
  • Art


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