Grade 2:

In Grade 2 we provide pupils with a balanced and broad based curriculum. We take our learning objectives directly from the English National Curriculum and teach them through six cross curricular topics. This allows skills and subject knowledge to be applied and put into a more meaningful context. We aim to develop our students to be responsible, autonomous and enthusiastic learners and provide them with the opportunities to reach their full potential.

Throughout the year parents will be invited into the classroom where the students will showcase their learning. Parents will also have the opportunity to meet with the teachers throughout the academic year for Goal Setting and pupil progress meetings. We strongly encourage parents to be a part of their child’s learning journey and complete activities at home to support the learning in class. To enrich and enhance their learning, students will also have the opportunity to participate in educational visits including The New Omani National Museum, Shatti beach and a wadi.

All classes in Grade 2 currently use the Class Dojo app which provides a safe place to document the student’s learning. It also allows parents to be more involved in their child’s learning and is a good form of communication between parents and teachers. Photographs of the students, notes and reminders are posted on a daily basis. We encourage all parents to connect with us on Class Dojo to ensure that they are completely involved in their child’s learning journey.

We value the opportunity to talk to parents. If you do have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the class teacher by writing a note on Class Dojo or in the pink communication diary. We will respond in writing or arrange a time to meet if necessary.


Download Grade 2 Welcome Booklet