Grade 4:

Grade 4 at M.I.S. experience a very exciting and engaging academic year. In our first term we learn about the features of report writing and use the Uefa Champions League as a vehicle to deliver a stimulating unit of study. Children have the opportunity to try out their journalism skills first hand and have had the privilege to interview a footballing legend and two time European Cup winner, Alan Kennedy. Grade 4 then turn our focus to ‘Our Environment’ and investigate the pros and cons of urbanisation and how this has impacted wildlife and their habitats. Grade 4 benefit from numerous field trips during this unit to help bring the topic to life. Term 2 is equally exciting with our Topics ‘Rock On’ and ‘Maroo Of The Winter Caves’. During the ‘Rock On’ unit, students will learn about the Earth and what it is made from, how rocks are formed and constantly changing through the rock cycle. Oman provides the perfect location for such a topic as we are surrounded by geological beauty and we go and collect samples of the different types of rocks. Our second topic in term two is all about prehistoric cultures and technologies. Children investigate how prehistoric cultures adapted to survive during harsh condition, and developed tools and weapons. During this unit Grade 4 have an overnight camp at a prehistoric site, where they can collect samples of flint that have been knapped thousands of years ago to make tools. During our final term students learn about famous scientists and their theories and laws about forces. Students get a hands on opportunity to apply these forces. Our last topic of the year is called ‘Authors’ and students investigate some of the great pieces of literature that has been written over the years and create book reviews for all to share.


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