Grade 5:

Grade 5 is a pivotal year at MIS as students are urged and encouraged into being independent, creative and enquiry based learners.  Students are expected to think for themselves and use initiative, working in small groups, as a class and as a year group.  We have a focus on practical skills and learning for life, giving all children the opportunity to develop as a whole person, gaining in confidence and self-esteem.

Our first topic, ‘Knowing me, Knowing you’, kicks things off with lots of ice-breaking activities and confidence building tasks.  We then delve into the mysteries of Unit 2, with an unusual book called ‘Tuesday’, involving police reports, journalism and flying frogs!  This topic is hugely successful and students experience many different learning platforms in a creative style, including using tablets to make movies.  To round off this topic we visited Qur’um Park as part of our cross-curricular approach.  This emphasis on thematic learning allows for school trips every unit, including a residential trip for Unit 4, promoting survival skills and team work.

Munch, Crunch, what’s for lunch, allows us to eat breakfast together at the Sultan Centre in Qur’um, host a bake sale and hold an open classroom outside!  All children are highly involved in this topic and it’s great for our work on CELs (Common Essential Learning’s) to work as team and a community collectively.  This focus on diet and food lends itself ideally to incorporate practical food preparation and cooking, into the classroom, giving students the opportunity to develop their culinary skills and appreciation of good food; another thread that we promote and develop throughout the academic year.

A new initiative in Grade 5 this term has been to celebrate our handwriting and to take pride in our work.  We issue Pen Licenses in our monthly grade assembly as part of celebrating success.  Students can wear their badge with pride and have the opportunity to write in pen, should they wish to.

Whole grade use of the Seesaw app, allows us all to view just how busy our children are each day and be directly involved with the diverse education program that we offer.  Parental involvement is vital in grade 5 and using technology to keep in touch promotes our 21st Century approach to teaching and learning.  Your support is much appreciated and we look forward to working with you and your child.


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