Grade 6:

In Grade 6 we provide pupils with a balanced and broad based curriculum. We take our learning objectives directly from the English National Curriculum and teach them through six cross curricular topics. This allows skills and subject knowledge to be applied and put into a more meaningful context. We aim to develop our students to be responsible, autonomous and enthusiastic learners and provide them with the opportunities to reach their full potential.

Throughout the year parents will be invited into the classroom where the students will showcase their learning. Parents will also have the opportunity to meet with the teachers throughout the academic year for Goal Setting and pupil progress meetings. We strongly encourage parents to be a part of their child’s learning journey and complete activities at home to support the learning in class.

Grade 6 students benefit from participation in a wide range of leadership opportunities. These range from taking on roles of responsibility in the classroom or around school to key elected positions. Each year our School Council representatives and House Captains are elected by their peers.

Our Primary School Council holds fortnightly meetings to discuss key aspects of school life and share feedback they have received from pupils. They play an important role in seeking solutions to help make the school even better. In recent years the School Council have organised a stall at the school’s popular Charity carnival and have liaised with the Chair of the Parent Teacher Association.

Our House Captains hold regular meetings to organise fun events, providing leadership and support during a number of inter-house competitions such as sports days.

To enrich and enhance their learning, students will also have the opportunity to take part in residential fieldtrips. For example, Grade 6 spend one night in the desert, enjoying the facilities of Sama Al Wasil Desert Camp to explore this unique environment.They will have the opportunity to experience a second, two night residential field trip in the mountains, taking part in a trek to identify fossil evidence here in Oman.

All classes in Grade 6 currently use the Google Classroom app which provides a safe place to document the students’ learning and set assignments for Homework and encourages the students to be even more proactive in their learning. Moreover, it also allows parents to also actively engage in their child’s learning. Photographs of the students, notes and reminders are also posted.

We value the opportunity to maintain a 3 way conference – student, parent, teacher – throughout the year, in order to maintain a positive, learning focused climate. We have seen the tremendous value of the planned conferences which are held in the Primary department. If you do have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the school’s administration department to make an appointment with your class teacher.

In Grade 6, we take the opportunity to link into events happening in KS3 and also plan to visit departments again to enhance our learning programme. Examples of this are the annual KS3 Science Quiz which includes a team from Grade 6 and opportunities to have demonstration lessons in the Science laboratory  – all of which helps to smooth the transition period through into KS3.


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