Key Stage 3


Our curriculum for Grade 7 and Grade 8, is a  broad and balanced, enabling students to develop key literacy and numeracy skills, develop their wider learning skills and to experience a range of exciting curriculum opportunities. Assessment at KS3 will focus on continual assessment in which faculties shall assess student ability to exhibit the necessary skills and knowledge required to successfully negotiate GCSE and beyond. All of our students will be taught in mixed ability groupings

Our Key Stage 3 curriculum allows students to study the following subjects:







Design Technology






Modern Foreign Languages – French


Personal, Social, Health and Enterprise Education

Physical Education


Homework is regarded as an integral part of the curriculum. As well as contributing to the full and appropriate coverage of schemes of work, it provides a framework for the development of sensible individual study skills and it fosters personal qualities such as responsibility, self-motivation and initiative. It also gives a regular opportunity for pupils to discuss their work at home.

Tasks set are noted in the homework diary, which is monitored by the form tutor and subject teacher. You are also asked to check and sign this each week cycle. Longer pieces of homework, for instance research projects, may be set over extended periods of perhaps two or three weeks. The timetable is then the guide for the pacing of such an assignment over the period available, rather than attempting to complete it on one evening.



Departments use a variety of assessment techniques throughout each year, including peer and self-assessment, teacher assessment of group and individual work and the marking of tests.

In addition to regular assessments, there are formal examinations for Grades 7 and 8 in the term 3 which students need to pass to move into the next year of study. Cognitive ability tests (Baseline tests) are also used to help us identify pupils whose subject attainment is very different from expected performance according to ability, so that support can be given appropriately. This is done at the end of year 6 for pupils moving into Grade 7