Head Girl


The privilege of becoming Headgirl at MIS is an opportunity like no other. It enables me to interact with a diverse amount of people ranging from the KG and Primary students to the Principal. The whole community that makes us who we are as a school.

When I was younger, I always looked up to leaders and was mesmerised with their strong personalities, moral values, organisation skills, and communication skills. Seeing them support school events and planning them efficiently resulting in successful and memorable moments inspired me.

MIS is a community that is well known for its diversity; the various events held throughout the year reflect this. I have had the honour of organising many events such as Pink Day- raising awareness about cancer and the importance of showing support to those who have endured it.

Another occasion was National Day where we talked about Oman’s development over the years and we the manner in which we have allowed people from other nations to participate and tell us their experiences of their countries. Other than that, we have had many different events which have brought joy and memorable moments to all members of the school community.

As Head Girl, I am determined to not only focus on school events and occasions but also to listen to my peers’ concerns, worries and doubts. The opportunity to enable students to benefit from their experiences and grow is something I take extremely seriously.

We are also very fortunate to have such an amazing prefect body supporting and encouraging us all. The opportunity I had has taught me a lot so far from perseverance, more patients, having new friends from different age groups, and being capable to take big responsibilities. Other than that it has mainly taught me to manage my stress and deal with it effectively.

To conclude, as head girl, I am committed to facing all kinds of challenges and fulfilling my duties to the best of my ability and be a good example to the broader school community. MIS is a wonderful school and to be a representative of such a great institution is a great honour.

Irtisam Al-Hinai
Head Girl



Head Boy


What makes you want to become Head Boy of Muscat International School?” asked the Head of Secondary during the interview.

The answer for me was simple: I want to devote my hard work, participation and a drive to help others to the community of Muscat International School. Ever since I joined the school in 2013, I have always wanted to find an opportunity to get involved where it really matters and see the fruits of my labour pay off.

I have had the privilege of working with my predecessors over a wide range of events and activities. From them I gained a deep insight into how someone that holds this position should perform the responsibilities and work that come along with it. Our school is a constantly growing home of knowledge and diversity and with this growth comes challenge. Being in this position does not mean being better than everyone else. It’s about helping my fellow students on their own path of success and prosperity.

As Head Boy, my core desire is to support the school leadership by upholding the school’s vision of turning us budding individuals into exceptional members of society. I am extremely grateful to have a team of 21 prefects by my side that work together perfectly in unison by serving the school with the utmost respect, integrity and maturity.

It is imperative that we create a welcoming environment that is nurturing and encourages students to bring forth creative ideas and thoughts while equipping them with the necessary tools they require to achieve their goals and ambitions.

MIS has instilled in me a burning passion and commitment to helping those around me just as I have received aid when most in need. The joy of taking responsibility and providing a helping hand to those around me whether it may be student or staff is one of the main reasons that made me apply for this position of Head Boy as it enables me first hand along with our incredible staff to pave the way for the student body for their journey to success and enlightenment.

The school has truly brought out the best in all of us and while my time here as a student is coming to an end, I will reflect upon lessons that will have a long lasting and positive impact upon us all such as the clear link between success and hard work, the joy be derived from a commitment to serving, the importance of responsibility and the absolute necessity of maintaining moral integrity.

Saad Wasifuddin.
Head Boy