Good communication between parents and the school helps to create a well ordered atmosphere in which children will learn effectively, develop and flourish.

Parents’ and Teachers’ Association 2018-19

PTA Core Committee who share the convictions and drive of the staff and leadership at MIS.  After the election evening on Sunday 30th September, the elected members met on the evening of October 2nd and, I am pleased to say, discussion was lively and creative from the start.

The PTA 2018-19 comprises the following members:


Abeer  Al-Khaburi Chairperson (Parent)
Nicholas Bennett Chairperson (School Principal)
Nadir Patel Secretary (Parent)
Arshi Hamid Treasurer (Parent)
Beenish Haddad Parent
Sultan Al-Kalbani Parent
Abdul Rahman Al-Azri Parent
Imene  Hamra-Krouha Parent
Amine Hamra-Krouha Parent
Samara Salah Parent
Haider Ali Parent
Stephen Coventry Head of Section – Primary
Peter Hartland Head of Section – Secondary
Ahmed Manajera Head of Arabic
Elizabeth Plunkett Head of English
Stephanie Mueller Key Stage 1 Coordinator
Ranju Didwania KG teacher
Emma Bennett Grade 3 Teacher

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