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The essence of pastoral care is the recognition that schools are places of social as well as intellectual learning, and that no child will truly be successful and happy if they are not personally supported. 


Our Support

Alongside our academic support, pastoral support is complementary and can be found  in almost all cultures and traditions.


Muscat International has exceptional systems in place to ensure that students are supported, feel safe and that their personal development needs are integrated into their whole curriculum experience.

Pastoral System

Strong Team

Our pastoral care is based on a traditional year system, with every year group having an experienced and skilled Head of Year and Key Stage who works alongside a team of experienced tutors. 


It is the deep knowledge and understanding of each child in the year, built through strong and positive partnership with parents which makes this system so strong. 

Parent Support

Parents and guardians are always advised to call and make an appointment in advance, as staff may be teaching or in other meetings and advance notice can mean that an issue has been researched and a potential solution identified prior to the meeting.

Working Together

Tutors are the first point of contact for parents. Heads of Year will deal with more intractable or serious issues, whilst Heads Departments  will support with any concerns related to an individual subject.


When these avenues have been exhausted, Mr. Peter Hartland is happy to offer additional help and support. 

Progress Monitoring

Our pastoral system is intimately linked with progress in learning, recognising that social and intellectual learning go hand in hand.


All learning and progress is regularly reported and supported by a comprehensive programme of parent consultation events.


Our purpose is to build academic success and character through a rich and diverse range of opportunities, in close partnership with our families and our extended community.

Pastoral Team


Emma Bennett

Senior Teacher


Clyde Van Graan

Key Stage 3 Coordinator


Mai Al-Riyami

Student Counsellor


Gay Kidd

Senior Teacher


Alia Jaafar

Key Stage 4 Coordinator


James Creighton

Extra-Curricular Activities and Enrichment Coordinator


Cathrin Jones

Key Stage 5 Coordinator

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