The focus of the Primary years is to lead our students through the successive stages of social, emotional and academic development. Our aim is to develop a community of responsible, independent and self motivated learners with an international perspective.

The Primary section offers educational programs from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 6 based on the English National curriculum and our students are benchmarked against these standards.

The Primary Section also provides Arabic, Islamic Studies and Social Studies from the Omani Curriculum, while non-native speakers of Arabic take Second Language Lessons. Constructive play and exploration in Pre-Kindergarten provides a solid preparation for children moving into the more formal KG2 programme where early literacy, numeracy and the development of independent learning skills are the focus.

As our students progress through the Primary grades they are exposed to a wider range of learning experiences within the core subject areas. Clear goals and expectations are discussed with each student so that they are active participants in their own learning. Goal Setting Meetings, Student Led Conferences and Open Classrooms all help to motivate students and encourage them to develop responsibility for their learning.

Learning at MIS is not limited to the classroom. Students participate in regular field trips, aimed at making authentic links between school and the world around them. Regular events and festivals promote our curriculum and are highly anticipated by students. While a comprehensive extracurricular program allows students to develop new interests and continue their learning outside the classroom.