Dianne Blight

At Muscat International School, we extol the virtues of a curriculum and ethos that facilitates for all members of our community the opportunities to enjoy education, to become fully cognizant with their own learning journeys, giving them the academic, pastoral and creative autonomy that characterises highly successful people and life-long learners.  The keenness of our students and their hunger to learn makes this shared journey a joy for us all.

In order to provide bespoke education for our each of our multinational students, the global village is well-represented by a team of educational professionals who share in my vision to ensure that, not only do we aim for the highest levels, but we also never stop learning, never stop reaching for standards that are even better. It is this ethos that will pervade all elements of experience at MIS; from the youngest members of our school in Kindergarten to those preparing to enter University life in highly-respected educational institutions around the world, we believe in making every moment count.

We regard the fusion between the British Curriculum and Oman culture as wonderful opportunity that allows us to provide culturally enriching and inspiring education for all. The multiple pathways of IGCSE/GCSE, AS/A’ Level and the General Education Diploma provide something for everyone during the examination years.  But there is far more along the way. As an educator who believes that it is the journey that is important, it is my contention that there are no ceilings to learning, no mistakes – only opportunities to improve. With that in mind, it is our mission to make every step of the learning journey meaningful whether it be in the classroom, in the sports arena or on the stage, or during the community events that have proved to be such a highlight in our school calendar each year.

Nicholas M. Bennett