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at MIS

Our curriculum is inclusive to all children and their families.


Muscat International School is a fully bilingual school combining Omani traditions and values and globally relevant education. 


Our Curriculum

 Our Curriculum promotes the child’s independence, curiosity, language and social skills.

Professional child development is a collaboration between teachers, families and all professionals who form a network of nurture around each and every child.   

Early Years
Foundation Stage

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Here at Muscat International School, we support holistic development.


Through small group and individual activities, we support each child’s journey as they become communicative, collaborative and curious about the world around them. 



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Our EYFS philosophy runs smoothly into the Primary Cambridge International Curriculum.


This provides a broad and balanced education for all learners, helping them to thrive throughout their schooling, work and life. 




Our Secondary section comprises of Grades 7 to grade 12. We pride ourselves in delivering an outstanding programme that was created to challenge students academically and socially.


Our secondary curriculum is successful and has produced outstanding results throughout the years.

Special Education and Support Services

SEASS offers individualized education focusing on the unique needs of each student. Our staff of experienced professionals is dedicated to helping each student to achieve the most meaningful outcome in a family-centered environment

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